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Girl Scout Cookies, Willpower, and Sharing

It’s that time of year again—the most anticipated after Christmas (and closely followed by 50%-off chocolates of February 15.)

Sunday, I heard Obi barking and the sound of wagon wheels bouncing down the road. That meant one thing—this year’s Girl Scout cookie delivery was under way! Sure enough, my new neighbor and her daughter were making the rounds, delivering the baked goods we ordered back in January (oh, the tortuous wait). Soon enough, 10 boxes were in my hand (adding to the one box of Thin Mints Lexcie had already purchased for me), and the Samoas were ripped open.

Oh, how I missed those chocolately-caramely-coconuty confections. There were no Girl Scouts in the neighborhood last year, so it had been at least 730 days—the equivalent of  17,520 hours—since I last had one . My sister Alyse had found a knock-off brand at Big Lots, and while good, weren’t the real thing. Nor did Starbucks’  mocha-coconut Frappuccino with a drizzle of caramel satiate me.

When Girl Scout cookies are in hand, all willpower seems to go out the window. Not good, considering I’ve been so diligent about going to the gym. Wiping the coconut crumbs off my chin, it was time to strategize on how I wouldn’t eat 11 boxes of cookies by week’s end.

The first two boxes were easy—Alyse ordered two Samoas through me. Now down to nine. That evening, I was going to help my best friend Melanie put together furniture for her new house—cookies would be a good power-up, no? Another box of Samoas and Thin Mints gone. Seven. Then Mom spied the boxes when she got home and asked if she could create a tray to bring to work. Combining Samoas, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, and Savanna Smiles, I reduced the pile down to the equivalent of three boxes. Willpower was slowly creeping back!

The remainder of the cookies went into the downstairs freezer, which I sometimes forget exists. Finding Girl Scout cookies in the freezer months later is like finding $20 in  your pocket after taking your winter coat out of storage!

Thanks, Cookie Monster, for the reminder:

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  • Ala cina ni saje je nak takut2 kn polis ni… belagak mcm hanjing… Bila kat jalan raya bangsa dorg ni la yang paling xsr2a&#8a30;Sbje nak takut2 kn org… Dorg ni kat mana pn mengelabah je, lansung xsabar… BODOH!

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