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Rest In Peace, Sarah

Today, I found out that Sarah Thorp Acton—a former Fordham classmate and fellow editor at The Ram—died during a trip with her charter school students to Costa Rica. They haven’t figured out the cause of death yet, but it was sudden, and she was only 31.

I first met Sarah in 2001, when she was the newspaper’s news editor and I’d just joined the staff as a writer. She was instrumental in teaching me the ways of the newspaper, encouraging my growth, and giving constructive criticism I needed to better myself as a writer. She was one of the sweetest, gentlest people you’d ever meet—I can’t think of one person who didn’t like her. I will always remember her fondness for baking—I loved reading Facebook to see what creative cupcake she came up with next—and her love for pugs.

From what I’ve read online, she’s touched so many people in her life, especially her students at Buffalo’s Tapestry Charter School. Their comments and memories are truly heartwarming.

Rest in peace, Sarah. You were a good soul taken too soon.

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