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I’m a disgruntled Metro-North commuter by morning, real estate journalist by day, insomniac by night, and cancer butt-kicker for life.

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A Writer’s Book of Days

In October 2011, Lexcie and I were in a Goodwill store in Connecticut when I picked up a book called A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves for 25¢. The book is full of great writing inspiration and has a prompt for each day. I’m going to try and write from a prompt as many days I can in 2012 (although my brain sometimes gets fizzled out since I’m constantly writing for work). I need to get my mind focused on more creative writing again.


1Write About Sunday Afternoon – When Google Takes You Elsewhere
2Write About A Time Someone Said No – The Best Rejection Letter
3You’re Standing In A Doorway – Staring at the Moon
4“A Year After Your Death…” – Helping Beyond The Grave
5Write About A Day Moon – In The Gloaming
6Write About Bathing – Splish, Splash, I Love Taking a Bath
7Once, When No One was Looking…Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
8What I Do in the Middle of the Night – A Bad Dream Turned Reality
9Write About A Ceremony – E is for Exercise
10Write about a WoundWhy Crossing the Street Frightens Me
11You Are In A Motel RoomThe Road Less Traveled
12Write About Acceptable Losses – It’s Not the End of the World
13After MidnightTicking On and On
14Write About The HorizonAn Accidental Trip
15It’s Saturday. You’re Not At Home – One Man’s Trash is Another Amanda’s Treasure
16Write About A BedA Bedtime Conundrum
17Write About A Time You Found Out About Something You Weren’t Supposed To Know – The Scandalous Note