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I’m a disgruntled Metro-North commuter by morning, real estate journalist by day, insomniac by night, and cancer butt-kicker for life.

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I’m Not One For Resolutions, But This Is Great

I came across this gem on Facebook tonight, and it’s certainly an attitude toward life that I can embrace.

(Except unlike my dog Obi, I will not pee all over Alex out of bad behavior and dominance issues.)

101 in 1,001 – The Results

For the past 1,000 days, I participated in Day Zero’s 101 Day Project, a unique challenge that inspires you to set and achieve your personal goals in life. My friend Caitlin had started one, and I was intrigued. At that point, I had been in five years’ remission from cancer and was basically a lump when it came to goal setting. The diagnosis had resulted in my having a hard time looking in the future, as I got in the mindset of “Well, anything can change quickly.” I thought that starting the list would be better than a so-called bucket list in inspiring me to look forward again. (And I’d just beaten cancer… why would I want to think about kicking the bucket?)

The challenge runs 1,001 days—I started September 12, 2010 and ended today, June 9, 2013. To count, tasks must be specific with a defined result that represents some amount of work on my part. Here’s a summary of my first list and what happened. Bolded items are ones that were completed. Not bad for my first try, with 54 of 101 goals achieved. I start Part II tomorrow, and will aim for 75 next.

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Almost Finished!

Lexcie and I spent a very long day crafting to put the finishing touches on our NYC Easter Parade hats. We’re covered in Mod Podge, glitter, paint, and hot glue, but we’re very happy with the results. Here’s a tease; we’ll reveal the fruits of our labor tomorrow:



We have lots of cleaning to do before Mom gets home from Florida.