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I’m a disgruntled Metro-North commuter by morning, real estate journalist by day, insomniac by night, and cancer butt-kicker for life.

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Some Days You Just Feel Like Marv

We had our first frozen-pipe issue this evening, when we realized that the water wasn’t coming out of the washing machine. So as Alex searched for the lantern, I went out the back door—and straight down the back steps. While the porch itself wasn’t icy, the steps still were, and I went sliding on my behind straight down into the driveway. Ouch.

We looked at the pipes in the basement, and all were properly insulated, which meant the frozen pipe was in the wall. So as I was leaving the area in the basement where the pipes were, Alex told me to mind my head—just as it whacked into the corner of the dropped-storage area.

So now I have a bruise on my behind and a bump on my head, feeling very much like a Wet Bandit.

Turns out that it was the PVC drainpipe that froze, and Alex was unable to de-ice it using his heat gun. Now we have the wash running.

When will winter be over?

101 in 1,001 – The Results

For the past 1,000 days, I participated in Day Zero’s 101 Day Project, a unique challenge that inspires you to set and achieve your personal goals in life. My friend Caitlin had started one, and I was intrigued. At that point, I had been in five years’ remission from cancer and was basically a lump when it came to goal setting. The diagnosis had resulted in my having a hard time looking in the future, as I got in the mindset of “Well, anything can change quickly.” I thought that starting the list would be better than a so-called bucket list in inspiring me to look forward again. (And I’d just beaten cancer… why would I want to think about kicking the bucket?)

The challenge runs 1,001 days—I started September 12, 2010 and ended today, June 9, 2013. To count, tasks must be specific with a defined result that represents some amount of work on my part. Here’s a summary of my first list and what happened. Bolded items are ones that were completed. Not bad for my first try, with 54 of 101 goals achieved. I start Part II tomorrow, and will aim for 75 next.

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A Trip Back To 1996 Web Design

My friend Sarah mentioned wonderfully amusing today—that the official website for the movie Space Jam is still active on Warner Bros’ website. The movie came out in 1996—I was 13, in seventh grade, and had only used the Internet once in my life at that point (to sneak on Microsoft Comic Chat at my friend’s house).

The site is pretty darned advanced for 1996, if you ask me. Consider that Yahoo! looked like this that year.

But, oh, what wonderful ’90s web design it is. Among the gems: super-compressed and spinning GIFs; tiles backgrounds; terrible text-on-background contrast; sad attempt at frames… the list goes on.

It reminds me of my first website, circa 1998. AOL Hometown’s been shut down for a few years now, so that was the best I could fetch. But the background was bright yellow tile, had plenty of animated GIFs, and horrible JPG elements. The only website still active in a similar fashion from my “Cool Links” section is Yahoo!.

No wonder Google’s CADIE 2009 April Fools joke was so successful (make sure to view the intriguing webpage). And thanks to sites like Tumblr and Buzzfeed, people still have a soft spot for animated GIFs.

I think I’ll go listen to a MIDI of “The Way We Were” now.