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Review: Radiant with AVEENO

Influenster and Aveeno recently sent me a jar of of Aveeno Positively Radient Intensive Night Cream to try out.


It’s a cream that you smooth over your entire cleansed face and neck; the product claims to improve your skin’s tone, dullness, brown spots, texture, and blotchiness.

For the past few weeks, I replaced my regular night cream (Clinque Youth Surge Night) with the Aveeno Positively Radient Intensive Night Cream, which I used both in the evening and in the morning after washing my face. I wasn’t expecting it to work as well as my $50 cream, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I have combination skin—oily in some spots and dry and flaky in the other, so it’s important that a night cream isn’t too heavy, otherwise I’m prone to breaking out. Aveeno Positively Radient Intensive Night Cream delivered just the right amount of moisture, not leaving my face feeling like it was heavily lotioned. A little goes a long way, and I’m still not halfway through the jar. The other plus for me was the smell—it’s light and not very perfumey.

My skin has retained its brightness and tone, while my blotchiness is less noticeable. I find I don’t need to use as much makeup to cover up in the mornings. I don’t have any brown spots, so I’m not sure how it would have worked on them. I haven’t seen much difference in the texture of my skin, besides its feeling soft from the cream.

At a suggested retail price of $16.99, I’m considering switching from my more expensive night cream to the Aveeno, as it seems to have the same effect on my skin as the $50 jar of Clinique. I’m pretty happy with the results (and the money it’s saved me!).

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Review: DOT by Marc Jacobs

Crowdtap recently sent me a bottle and samples of DOT by Marc Jacobs to try out and share with my friends.



If you’re not familiar with DOT (and its super cute flower-butterfly-ladybug inspired bottle), it’s a light, sophisticated fragrance perfect for the spring and summer. Its top notes include red berries, dragon fruit, and honeysuckle, while the floral notes include jasmine, coconut water, and orange blossom. The dry down note are vanilla, driftwood, and musk.

Even though three particular scents may strike you as strong—jasmine, musk, and driftwood—the fragrance is hardly overpowering. It’s very sweet and flowery, and has elicited many positive comments when I wore it (particularly people asking where the flowers are located). The fruity notes are also sophisticated, avoiding that sickly-sweet drugstore or teenage perfume smell.

The bottle is a piece of artwork in itself, and adds a touch of whimsy to your collection–so much fun to look at and display!

If you’re looking for a fruity, yet decidedly grown-up perfume, definitely check out DOT by Marc Jacobs.

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Review: Woolite Everyday

Crowdtap and Woolite sent me samples of Woolite Everyday to share with my friends, and I was excited to receive it—it was the second time I’ve received a Woolite sample and share  (the first being Woolite Darks), and the product has become a must in my cleaning repertoire.



The biggest problem with my wardrobe: My clothes are prone to fading, particularly since I wear a lot of dark colors. Woolite has been the perfect product for my bright t-shirts, dark jeans, and delicate items like my giant scarf collection. I’ve washed one of my regular loads in Woolite Everyday and the clothes came out fresh smelling, clean, and bright—and it seems I have to use less product than I do my regular detergent (Arm & Hammer).

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Old Navy’s Horrible Pricing Policy

Today, I took a trip to Old Navy to buy a beautiful scarf I found online—it was a pink and paisley, and I thought it would be fun to wear on Easter Sunday. I found it immediately, and also found three other scarves I liked. Right before I check out, I discovered each scarf was $14.94, not $12.94 as indicated online (which was not marked as a web-only price)—that’s an $8 total difference. When I got up the register, I asked the sales associate if she could please match the Internet price, and she said she was unable to do so. I then put the scarves back on the shelf, and left without buying anything.

That means I could have saved myself a trip to the store, bought the scarves online for $8 cheaper, and gotten them shipped for free (with a promo going on right now).

Old Navy is the first retailer I’ve encountered that will not match an Internet price. I was thoroughly disappointed because I spent time and money to get to the store, yet the above situation would have been much cheaper. In the end, I didn’t buy the scarves out of principle.

I sent Old Navy a letter expressing disappointment over its price-matching policy, and noted that I’d hope it would reconsider. I mentioned that I thought it would not only be a positive for customers, but for the company as well, since it wouldn’t have to use extra resources, like packaging, to ship out an online order.

We’ll see what sort of reply I get.

(UPDATE: An Old Navy representative reached out to me by phone and said that the associate was in error—the store does match Internet prices and he apologized for my experience. For my troubles, he’s sending me a gift card to spend in the store. Thank you, Old Navy, for your response.)

Show Review: Welcome To Lawn Guyland

I’ve been getting a little lazy these days. A week ago or so ago, I heard Islip Fire Department sirens wailing, and instead of putting my shoes on to go ambulance chasing, I hopped on to Twitter and typed “Islip” into the search box. I found my answer quickly: There was a house fire two blocks over. And a tweet below it was a Long Islander, Stevie GB (or [twitname]Steviegeebee[/twitname]), a comedian from Long Island who mentioned that his one-man show, Welcome to Lawn Guyland, was just reviewed in the Islip Bulletin. In short: a humorous take on his own life, how he moved from Brooklyn to Long Island when he was 14, and how life’s like as a middle-aged suburbanite.

Given that I just turned 30 and I’m in the midst of making that vital decision on where I’m going to be living out my middle age, I was intrigued. So Alex and I attended tonight’s show at the Rose Theater in Holbrook, a bare-bones-yet-not-uncomfortable joint behind an office building off of Lincoln Avenue.

Welcome to Lawn Guyland‘s setting was simple—piles of leaves, a garbage pail, a bike against a wall—could have been most Long Islanders’ front yards. The half theatrical/half stand-up show takes place in a representation of Steve’s front yard, as he sits in a lawn chair and swigs a beer, reflecting on his youth in East Flatbush and his subsequent move to East Islip. (At that point, he cracked what’s possibly the only Islip joke I’ve never heard as a three-decade Islipian. I won’t ruin it for you here.)

Steve’s story was eerily similar to my mother’s move from Bushwick to Brentwood in the early ’70s.  But you don’t have to be in your fifties or sixties to enjoy the show: He connects to each member of the audience in one way or another, no matter the age. Still call NYCB Theatre at Westbury “Westbury Music Fair”? Check. Still mistakenly refer to LIPA as LILCO? Check. Read through the entire, encyclopedia-ish menu at the local Greek diner and still only order the cheeseburger deluxe? Check.  Bonus points if you’re from Suffolk County, as the show trends heavily toward this half of the Island.

If you’re in older than 20, have lived on Long Island for at least five years, or can sing the Cellino & Barnes jingle from memory, you’ll likely enjoy this show and the trip down Memory Lane. (That is, if said lane doesn’t suddenly turn into Merrick Road… err, South Country Road… I mean, Main Street… no, Montauk Highway… aww, %$#@ it, Route 27A!)

The show ran approximately 90 minutes, and I bet he could add another hour of shtick if he brings Long Island Rail Road, mall, and beach stories into the fold. We live in a very unique place and Steve captured it perfectly. Highly recommended!

The show only lasts until next weekend—you can see it tomorrow at 2pm, next Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm, Rose Theater, 1320 Lincoln Ave (just north of Route 454… uh, Vets Highway). Tickets here. Or you could just make a left at the Smithtown Bull.